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accomplish to do or complete; carry out; achieve. [1/2 definitions]
achieve to do or carry out successfully; accomplish. [1/2 definitions]
advertising the act, job, or business of designing and putting out notices to the public, usually in order to sell a product or service. [2 definitions]
aerosol a liquid that is in a container under pressure and comes out in a fine spray. [1/2 definitions]
air conditioner a machine that cools the air in a room or car. An air conditioner also takes the dust and dampness out of the air.
air conditioning a system that cools air and takes dust and dampness out of it. Air conditioning is used inside buildings and cars.
airtight keeping air in or out. [1/2 definitions]
allot to give out as portions. [1/2 definitions]
amiss out of place or not right; wrong. [1/2 definitions]
apostrophe1 a punctuation mark ('). It is used to show where one or more letters or numbers have been left out. "Wouldn't" for "would not" and "'87" for "1987" use apostrophes this way. [1/3 definitions]
appendix a short, closed tube of tissue that grows out of the large intestine. The appendix is on the right side of the lower abdomen. [1/2 definitions]
arch1 a curved structure made out of stone or brick and used to span an open space such as a door. [1/4 definitions]
arrow a sign shaped like an arrow. An arrow is used to point out a place or show which way to go. [1/2 definitions]
article a single thing; one item out of a group of similar objects. [1/4 definitions]
artificial respiration the forcing of air into and out of the lungs of a person who has stopped breathing.
aside out of one's thoughts. [1/3 definitions]
assign to set apart or give out for a particular use. [1/3 definitions]
Athena the goddess of wisdom, the arts, and warfare, in Greek mythology. Athena was born out of the head of Zeus, ruler of the gods. In Roman mythology, Athena is called Minerva.
audition to try out for a role or position by performing. [1/3 definitions]
average found by figuring out an average. [1/7 definitions]
awake to come out of sleep; wake up. [1/5 definitions]