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air to open to the air or put outdoors. [1/6 definitions]
barbecue the grill or stove that is used to cook a meal outdoors. [1/4 definitions]
cookout a social gathering at which a meal is cooked and eaten outdoors.
cricket2 an English game played outdoors with a ball and bat by two teams of eleven members each.
field glass (usually plural) a pair of binoculars used outdoors.
haystack a large pile of hay stacked outdoors.
open the outdoors (preceded by "the"). [1/16 definitions]
out outdoors, or to a place other than one's ordinary indoor location. [1/13 definitions]
outside in or to the outdoors. [1/6 definitions]
patio a paved area next to a house that is used for dining or relaxing outdoors.
picnic a social gathering at which food is eaten outdoors. [1/3 definitions]
sleeping bag a large bag with a warm lining and a zipper used to sleep in outdoors.
stand a counter, stall, or movable shop where customers can walk up and buy things. A stand is usually outdoors. [1/16 definitions]
wrap (plural) clothing, blankets, or some other covering worn outdoors. [1/7 definitions]