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atmosphere the gases surrounding the earth or other similar objects in outer space. [1/3 definitions]
bran the outer layer of wheat and other cereal grains. Bran is left after the grain is ground and the flour or meal is sifted out.
celestial of or having to do with the sky or outer space. [1/2 definitions]
cloak a long, loose, outer garment without sleeves. [1/3 definitions]
coat a piece of outer clothing with long sleeves, usually worn to keep warm. [1/5 definitions]
cornea the clear part of the eyeball's outer coating. The cornea covers the iris and pupil.
crust any hard or crisp outer layer. [2/5 definitions]
earth the outer layer of the planet; ground. [1/4 definitions]
exterior on or having to do with the outside; outer. [2/3 definitions]
external of the outside or outer part.
horizon the outer limit of vision or knowledge. [1/2 definitions]
hull1 the outer shell or covering of fruits, nuts, and seeds. [3 definitions]
hull2 the rigid frame and outer shell of a ship.
husk the dry outer covering of some seeds and fruits. [1/2 definitions]
jacket a short coat used as a piece of outer clothing. [1/2 definitions]
melon a fruit that grows on vines and has a hard outer layer and thick, juicy flesh.
meteorite a piece of rock from outer space that has landed on Earth.
millipede a small animal that has a narrow body like a worm, with a hard outer layer. The body of the millipede is divided into many segments, and most segments have two pairs of legs. The millipede is a kind of arthropod.
outside the outer side or surface. [3/6 definitions]
overcoat an outer coat worn in rainy or cold weather.
peel1 to pull, tear, or cut the outer covering from. [3/5 definitions]