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almond the hard oval seed of this tree that is like a nut and eaten as food. [1/3 definitions]
amphitheater an oval or round building with seats rising in rows from an open, central area. Amphitheaters are used for sports and other public events.
aubergine the British word for eggplant, a plant grown for its dark purple, oval fruit. Aubergine is eaten as a vegetable.
chocolate a single small piece of chocolate candy, usually rectangular, round, or oval in shape and often containing a sweet filling or nuts. [1/6 definitions]
egg1 a round or oval object that contains what may become a young bird, reptile, insect, or other animal. Each egg includes food to help a developing animal grow. Bird and reptile eggs have shells. Some kinds of eggs are used as food by people and other animals. [1/2 definitions]
ellipse a shape that looks like a flattened circle; oval.
football the oval-shaped ball used in a game of American football. [1/4 definitions]
kiwi a small oval fruit that is good to eat. Kiwis have brown skin and green flesh. [1/2 definitions]
palette a thin, oval board, with a thumb hole, on which a painter holds and mixes colors.
pecan a nut that has a thin, smooth, oval shell. [1/2 definitions]
racket2 an object used to hit the ball in tennis and similar sports. It is made of a round or oval frame with a network of tightly laced strings and a long handle.
track a path or course laid out for running or racing in competitive sports, often in the shape of an oval. [1/6 definitions]