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abroad in or to a country that is not one's own.
accommodate to do a favor for; meet the needs of by changing one's own plans. [1/3 definitions]
acquire to get or come to have as one's own.
adopt to take on and use as one's own. [1/3 definitions]
aggression The use of force or violence against another in order to dominate or achieve one's own goals. [1/2 definitions]
assume to take on as one's own duty, job, or appearance; adopt. [1/3 definitions]
autograph the name of a person, especially a famous person, written in his or her own handwriting. [1/2 definitions]
boast to be proud to own. [1/3 definitions]
borrow to take and use as one's own. [1/2 definitions]
civil rights in the United States, certain rights, such as the right to vote, own property, and have a fair trial. These rights are guaranteed by the Constitution and Acts of Congress. [1/2 definitions]
confident sure about one's own abilities. [1/2 definitions]
dividend a share of profits paid to those who own stock in a company or who are insurance policy owners. [1/2 definitions]
exploit2 to use for one's own advantage and in a way that is unfair to the thing or person being used. [1/2 definitions]
eyewitness a person who has seen something happen with his or her own eyes.
federal having to do with a system of government that unites several states under a central government. The states have their own governments, yet they recognize the rule of the central government as well. [1/2 definitions]
foreign in, from, or having to do with a country that is not one's own. [1/2 definitions]
fungus one of a large group of living things that appear similar to plants but cannot make their own food using sunlight in the way plants do. Fungi consume plant, animal, and other living matter. Mushrooms, yeasts, and molds are fungi. Fungi help decompose dead plants and animals.
go Dutch (informal) to go on an outing or order a meal, with each person paying his or her own share.
Hamlet the title character in one of Shakespeare's tragedies. Hamlet is a prince who avenges his father's death by slaying the murderer, his own uncle.
have to own; possess. [1/9 definitions]
headstrong determined to have one's own way; stubborn; willful.