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buff1 a soft, thick, yellow leather made from the skin of a buffalo or ox. [1/4 definitions]
cattle large mammals raised on farms or ranches for their milk or meat. Female cattle are called cows. Male cattle are called steers or bulls. Young cattle are called calves. The ox and the yak are kinds of cattle.
halter1 a rope or strap that is set on the head or neck of a horse, ox, or other animal to tie or guide it. [1/2 definitions]
oxbow a wooden collar in the shape of a U that goes around the neck of an ox. It is fastened to a yoke.
oxen plural of ox.
steer2 a young bull or male ox that is not able to produce young and that is raised for its meat.
tongue this organ taken from a cow, ox, or other animal and used as food. [1/5 definitions]