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asterisk a sign (*). It is used to show that there is other information on the page that explains the information where the sign is placed.
column one of two or more vertical sections of a page or chart separated by lines or by white space. [1/4 definitions]
footnote a note at the bottom of a page or the end of a chapter that explains a part of the main text.
guide word one or two words printed at the top of the page in a reference book to help the reader find the right page. In this dictionary, the guide words at the top of each page show what the first and last entries on that page are.
headline the title to a newspaper article that tells what the article is about. The headline for the most important news is in the largest type on the front page of the paper. [1/2 definitions]
home page the main page of a Web site. A home page often has a table of contents and links to other parts of the Web page.
index an alphabetical list of subjects, names, or other information in a book, with page numbers given for each item. [1/2 definitions]
margin the blank space between written or printed matter and the edge of a page. [1/3 definitions]
p. page.
pg. an abbreviation for page.
plate a drawing or picture in a book, often in color and covering an entire page. [1/5 definitions]
website a location on the World Wide Web. A website contains a home page and other pages that are linked to the home page.