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aesthetic having to do with beauty or art, including literature, dance, music, painting, drawing, and sculpture.
art the field of visual works such as painting and drawing. [1/4 definitions]
artist a person who is good at painting, music, writing, or any other art. [1/2 definitions]
brush1 a tool made of stiff hairs or bristles that have been fastened to a handle. A brush is used for grooming, painting, or scrubbing. [1/6 definitions]
canvas a piece of this material used as the surface for an oil painting. [1/2 definitions]
depict to show, describe, or portray in a painting, sculpture, or written work.
graphic of or related to pictures or writing such as photography, painting, and printing. [1/3 definitions]
medium a way or method of communicating or expressing, such as painting, music, or language. [1/6 definitions]
paint coloring material used in the art of painting pictures. [1/4 definitions]
picture a painting, drawing, or photograph. [2/7 definitions]
picturesque something that is as pleasing or interesting to look at as a picture or painting.
portrait a painting, drawing, photograph or sculpture of a person. [1/2 definitions]
pose1 to take or hold a position, as for a painting or photograph. [1/5 definitions]
scene a particular view in a painting or photograph. [1/4 definitions]
sketch a drawing or painting that was done in a hurry or without detail. Sketches are sometimes done to prepare for later work. [1/5 definitions]
stroke a single mark made in writing or painting, or the act of making such a mark. [1/6 definitions]
watercolor a painting done with watercolors. [2/3 definitions]