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andiron one of a pair of metal structures that holds logs in a fireplace.
antenna one of a pair of long, thin body parts on the head of insects, crabs, and other animals. Antennae are used to feel and smell. [1/2 definitions]
antler one of a pair of bony growths on the head of most kinds of deer. Male elk, moose, and white-tailed deer all grow antlers with branches or prongs. Deer grow new antlers every year. Caribou and reindeer are the only deer that have antlers on both the males and the females.
beetle1 an insect with a pair of hard front wings that covers a pair of thin wings. There are many different kinds of beetles. Japanese beetles, ladybugs, and fireflies are beetles.
brace a pair. [1/7 definitions]
braces the British word for a pair of straps that hold trousers up. Braces has the same meaning as suspenders. [1/2 definitions]
bracket one of a pair of punctuation marks ([ ]). They are used to enclose words or numbers. [1/5 definitions]
castanet one of a pair of wooden or ivory instruments that are partly hollowed out. They are held in the hand and clicked together to the rhythms of Spanish dance music.
centipede a small animal with a narrow body like a worm. A centipede's body is divided into many segments, each having a pair of legs. The front legs have poison claws. Centipedes are a kind of arthropod and are active at night.
chopstick one of a pair of thin sticks used for eating, especially in Asian countries.
companion a match or mate in a pair. [1/2 definitions]
coordinate (plural) a pair of numbers that identifies a point on a graph or grid; ordered pair. [1/3 definitions]
crab1 an animal with a wide, flat body covered by a hard shell. Crabs have ten legs, including a pair of claws, eyes on short stalks, and antennae. Most kinds of crabs live in the ocean and eat many kinds of food. Crabs are crustaceans, which are a kind of arthropod. The biggest crabs are larger than any other arthropod. [1/2 definitions]
cymbal a percussion instrument that is round and made of metal. Cymbals are played by striking a pair of them together or hitting one with a drumstick or brushes.
double in two; in a pair. [1/13 definitions]
earmuff one of a pair of soft pads that are worn over the ears to protect against cold. The two pads are connected by a band that goes over the head.
field glass (usually plural) a pair of binoculars used outdoors.
flipper one of a pair of flat, rubber shoes shaped like a frog's foot and used for swimming or underwater diving. [1/2 definitions]
forceps a tool, shaped like a pair of tongs or tweezers, used to grasp and pull. Dentists and medical doctors use forceps.
glass (plural) a pair of lenses set in frames that help a person to see better; eyeglasses. [1/3 definitions]
goggle (plural) a pair of special glasses worn to protect the eyes from dust, wind, water, or harsh light.