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coconut a tropical palm tree that bears large seeds that can be eaten; coconut tree; coconut palm. [1/2 definitions]
date2 the sweet fruit of the date palm tree, which grows in the Middle East.
elk a large deer found in northern Europe and Asia. It has large antlers shaped like a palm with spread fingers. In North America the same kind of animal is called a moose. [1/2 definitions]
fist a person's hand with the fingers curled tightly into the palm.
frond a long leaf with many small divisions. Ferns and palm trees have fronds.
palmetto a small palm that has leaves shaped like a fan.
pat1 to strike or tap softly with something flat, such as the open palm or fingers. [1/4 definitions]
thatch straw, palm leaves, or other dried plant material used as a roof covering. [1/2 definitions]
ti2 any of several tropical plants resembling a palm, found in Asia and the Pacific, with long, narrow leaves growing in a tuft at the top.
underhand with the hand held below shoulder level and the palm turned up. [1/3 definitions]