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bedpan a shallow pan used as a toilet by a person who cannot get out of bed.
broiler a pan, grill, or part of a stove used to broil food.
flapjack a flat cake made of batter and cooked in a pan; pancake.
griddle a flat pan or flat heated surface used in cooking.
Pan the god of woods and fields in Greek mythology, who protects shepherds and sheep. Pan has the legs and sometimes the horns and ears of a goat.
pan to wash gravel or sand in a pan to remove gold or other precious metals. [1/4 definitions]
pancake a flat round cake of batter fried on both sides in a frying pan or a griddle.
saucepan a fairly deep cooking pan with a long handle.
scramble to cook in an open pan while stirring. [1/8 definitions]
skillet a shallow pan with a long handle, used for frying food; frying pan.
wok a large frying pan with a rounded bottom, used for cooking Chinese food.