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campground an area for camping, such as a park.
campsite the British word for a large area for camping, such as a park. This meaning of "campsite" has the same meaning as "campground." [1/2 definitions]
dedication the ceremony of opening something newly built, such as a building, a park, or a ship. [1/2 definitions]
Ferris wheel a ride at a carnival or amusement park made of a very large upright wheel with seats hanging from the rim. A motor turns the wheel while people sit in the seats.
parkway a British word for a train station in the suburbs where many people park their cars and commute to work by train. [1/2 definitions]
ranger a person whose work is looking after or patrolling a park, forest, or other natural area. [1/2 definitions]
ride a mechanical thing, such as a merry-go-round or roller coaster, that people can ride for fun at a place like a fair or amusement park. [1/5 definitions]
roller coaster an amusement park ride in which a train of open cars rides up and down a winding track.