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across so as to pass over at an angle, as one line crossing over another. [1/5 definitions]
black out to faint or pass out.
chromosome a part found in the cells of all plants and animals. Chromosomes contain genes which pass on physical characteristics from parent to offspring.
clear to pass by or near without touching. [1/14 definitions]
communicate to pass along or carry to another. [1/4 definitions]
complete a forward pass in football that has been caught by a player of the same team. [1/6 definitions]
cover to pass over a certain distance; travel. [1/6 definitions]
cross to pass across or intersect. [1/10 definitions]
delegate to give or pass on to another; make the responsibility of someone else. [1/3 definitions]
drag to go or pass slowly. [1/5 definitions]
drawbridge a bridge built so that it can be raised to allow tall ships to pass beneath or keep people from crossing over.
dream to pass or spend by daydreaming (often followed by "away"). [1/6 definitions]
elapse to go or slip by; pass or come to an end.
enter to pass through; pierce; penetrate. [1/7 definitions]
evaporate to turn from liquid into gas; pass away in the form of vapor. [1/2 definitions]
exhaust the part of an engine through which gas or steam pass out. [1/4 definitions]
eyelet a small hole in cloth or leather with bound or covered edges. An eyelet is used to pass cord or thread through, fasten hooks into, or serve as decoration.
faint to become unconscious for a short time; pass out. [1/4 definitions]
fall to become; pass into a particular condition or position. [1/10 definitions]
flash to come, move, or happen suddenly; pass quickly. [1/7 definitions]
fly1 to pass by or move quickly. [1/9 definitions]