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alley1 a narrow street or path between or behind buildings. [1/2 definitions]
astray off the right or known path or course.
causeway a raised road or path across water or land that is wet.
circuit the closed path followed by an electric current. [1/4 definitions]
circulate to move or flow along a closed path or system. [1/2 definitions]
crosswalk a lane or path in a road that is marked off for people to cross on foot.
curve a bend in a road or path. [1/5 definitions]
descent a path or passage that slopes downward. [1/2 definitions]
gangway a path into, out of, around, or through something; passageway. [1/4 definitions]
lane a wooden path along which a bowling ball is rolled; alley. [1/4 definitions]
line1 a transportation system, or a particular path taken by vehicles in the system. [1/10 definitions]
locust an insect that travels in large groups called swarms. They damage crops and other plants in their path by eating them. They are a type of grasshopper. [1/3 definitions]
orbit the curved path in which a planet, satellite, or spacecraft moves in a circle around another body. [2/3 definitions]
pedestrian crossing a marked path across a road where people can walk fairly safely because vehicles must stop for them.
promenade a path made for taking a leisurely walk. [1/2 definitions]
route the usual path travelled by a person who is selling or delivering something along the way. [1/3 definitions]
sidewalk a path for walking along the side of a street or road. Sidewalks are usually paved.
tornado a storm of very strong winds that form a cloud shaped like a funnel. Although it does not last long, a tornado destroys everything in its path.
track a path or course laid out for running or racing in competitive sports, often in the shape of an oval. [1/5 definitions]
trail a path or course through a forest or other rural place. [1/7 definitions]
walk a path, sidewalk, or other area for walking. [1/9 definitions]