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absent-minded tending to not pay attention to a task or event because one is thinking about other things.
admission the price a person must pay to enter. [1/3 definitions]
afford to have enough money to buy; be able to pay for. [1/3 definitions]
alimony money that a court orders one member of a divorced couple to pay to the other.
assassinate to murder for pay or for political reasons.
attend to pay attention. [1/4 definitions]
bail1 to pay for the release of (often followed by "out"). [1/3 definitions]
bankrupt not able to pay money owed and free by law from having to pay. [1/2 definitions]
bankruptcy the legal inability to pay debts. [1/2 definitions]
bet to agree to pay if one's guess about some future event is wrong. [1/4 definitions]
board meals served daily, usually for pay. [2/8 definitions]
bonus a payment added to a person's regular pay as a reward for hard work.
bum (informal) to ask for and get, with no plan to pay back or return. [1/3 definitions]
cab1 a car that carries people who need a ride and pay a fare for this; taxicab. [1/3 definitions]
charge to put off payment for until a later date; pay for with a credit card. [1/12 definitions]
check a written order to a bank to pay money from an account. [1/11 definitions]
compensate to pay or repay. [1/2 definitions]
credit the right to buy things at the present time and not pay until later. Having credit often depends on one's reputation for paying one's debt. [1/7 definitions]
credit card a card from a bank or store that lets a person buy things and pay for them later.
debt a condition of owing more than one can pay back. [1/2 definitions]
discount to pay little or no attention to. [1/3 definitions]