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bonus a payment added to a person's regular pay as a reward for hard work.
bounty a reward or payment for catching outlaws or killing certain kinds of wild animals. [1/2 definitions]
cash money in the form of bills or coins, or payment in such form. [1/2 definitions]
charge to put off payment for until a later date; pay for with a credit card. [2/12 definitions]
c.o.d. an abbreviation for "collect on delivery," or "cash on delivery." Ordering an item c.o.d. means that payment is not required until the goods arrive.
collect to get payment for. [1/5 definitions]
commission money given to a salesperson as a payment or reward for selling something. [1/7 definitions]
conductor the person on a train or bus who collects payment. [1/3 definitions]
deposit a payment that is one part of all the money that is owed for something. A deposit is a first payment and the rest of the money is to be paid later. [1/7 definitions]
employ to provide work for or get services from in exchange for payment; hire. [1/2 definitions]
for hire available for service or use in return for a payment of money.
for rent available to live in or use in exchange for payment.
hire to have the use of in return for a payment of money; rent. [1/3 definitions]
insurance a protection against certain accidents that is provided by a company in return for payment of a fee. [1/2 definitions]
lend to give someone money that must be paid back. Usually there is also a payment of interest. [1/3 definitions]
pay to make a payment for something. [2/9 definitions]
ransom the payment demanded in return for setting a kidnapped person free, or the act of setting someone free by paying the price demanded. [1/2 definitions]
rebate a part of a payment that is returned. [1/2 definitions]
rent1 a regular payment made to an owner of property for the right to live in or use that property. [3/4 definitions]
revenge the act of giving punishment in payment for a wrong that has been done. [2/4 definitions]
toward as partial payment of. [1/5 definitions]