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complement something that goes well with a thing or makes a perfect addition to it. [2 definitions]
complete perfect or thorough; total. [2/6 definitions]
defective having a flaw or defect; not perfect.
ideal an idea of something in its perfect form. [3/6 definitions]
imperfect not perfect or complete; having mistakes or faults.
perfect to make perfect. [1/4 definitions]
polish to cause to become finished or more perfect. [1/4 definitions]
round out to make complete or perfect.
sketchy slight, not complete, or not perfect. [1/2 definitions]
soul a nearly perfect example of a quality. [1/4 definitions]
strict perfect or absolute. [1/3 definitions]
to a T in a complete or perfect way.
tuning fork a small metal device that produces a tone in perfect pitch when it is struck against something. Tuning forks are often used to tune musical instruments or test hearing.