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add to perform the mathematical operation of addition. [1/5 definitions]
baptize to perform the Christian ceremony of dipping in or sprinkling with water as a symbol of becoming a member of the church. [1/2 definitions]
begin to perform the first step of (something); start. [1/3 definitions]
celebrate to perform as part of public worship. [1/3 definitions]
commission an order giving permission to perform a certain task. [3/7 definitions]
commit to do; perform. [1/3 definitions]
device an invention or machine used to perform simple tasks or something else made for a specific purpose. [1/2 definitions]
do1 to carry out; perform. [1/12 definitions]
duty a particular task or function one is required to perform. [1/4 definitions]
excel to do or perform better than others.
experiment to perform an experiment; to explore by trying different things. [1/2 definitions]
fill to work or perform in. [1/7 definitions]
improvise to make up while one is performing; perform without planning or practice. [1/2 definitions]
interpret to perform in a way that shows new meaning. [1/4 definitions]
machine a device with a system of parts that work together to perform a task. Cars, computers, hair dryers, and vacuum cleaners are all examples of machines.
minister a person authorized to perform or help at the religious services of some religions. [1/4 definitions]
miss1 to fail to perform, attend, or otherwise experience. [1/8 definitions]
multiply1 to perform arithmetic multiplication. [1/5 definitions]
musical a play or movie in which characters at times perform songs instead of speaking their parts. [1/5 definitions]
neglect to fail to do or perform. [1/5 definitions]
operate to perform surgery (usually followed by "on"). [1/3 definitions]