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fossil fuel any carbon-containing fuel formed from the remains of prehistoric plants and animals. Coal, petroleum, and natural gas are examples of fossil fuels.
gasoline a liquid that burns, used mainly as fuel for engines. Gasoline is made from petroleum.
kerosene a thin liquid fuel. Kerosene is usually made from petroleum, but can also be made from oil, coal shale, or tar.
oil a liquid found beneath the earth's surface, or the products made from this liquid and used for fuel or lubrication; petroleum. [1/3 definitions]
oil well a well from which petroleum is drawn or pumped.
OPEC an association made up of several Arab nations that sell the oil they produce to other countries. "OPEC" is an abbreviation of "Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries."
paraffin a white substance like wax that is made from petroleum. It is used for candles, sealing materials, and waxed paper. [2 definitions]
petroleum a thick oil found by drilling beneath the earth's surface. Petroleum is made into gasoline, heating oil, and other products.