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film to photograph with a movie camera or tape with a video recorder. [1/5 definitions]
photo (informal) a short form for photograph.
photograph to take a photograph of. [1/2 definitions]
picture a painting, drawing, or photograph. [2/7 definitions]
portrait a painting, drawing, photograph or sculpture of a person. [1/2 definitions]
pose1 to take or hold a position, as for a painting or photograph. [1/5 definitions]
print to transfer a photograph to paper by means of light sent through a negative image. [2/8 definitions]
scene a particular view in a painting or photograph. [1/4 definitions]
shoot to take a photograph of or record on film. [1/11 definitions]
shot1 a photograph. [1/7 definitions]
snap a photograph taken with an ordinary camera; snapshot. [1/15 definitions]
snapshot a photograph taken with a small, ordinary camera.
x-ray a photograph made with such a beam. [2/3 definitions]