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elephant an enormous mammal with a very long nose called a trunk. Elephants have curved tusks, huge, floppy ears, and four long, thick legs. Elephants use their trunks to pick up food, drink water, or lift things. They use their tusks to dig roots. Elephants travel in herds, eating tons of plants every day. African elephants are the largest mammals that live on land. Indian elephants are smaller and can be trained to work with people.
peck2 to strike, or pick up quickly with the beak. [1/5 definitions]
scoop to gather in or pick up swiftly. [1/6 definitions]
stoop1 to bend the body forward and downward, as to pick up something. [1/4 definitions]
thumb the short, thick first finger on humans and other primates. The thumb makes it easy for the hand to pick up things and grasp them. [1/3 definitions]
trunk the long snout of an elephant. An elephant uses its flexible trunk to breathe, feed itself, pick up objects, and many other things. [1/6 definitions]