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aqueduct a channel or pipe built to carry water over a long distance. [2 definitions]
briar a pipe made from the root of a brier.
drain a device, such as a pipe, through which a liquid is drained. [1/9 definitions]
drainpipe a pipe used to drain liquids.
duct a pipe or tube that carries air or liquid.
faucet a device for turning on and off the flow of liquid from a pipe or container; tap.
flue a hollow pipe inside a chimney that lets hot or cold air, smoke, or steam escape to the outside.
gargoyle a pipe or spout for rain in the shape of such an ornament. [1/2 definitions]
hydrant an upright pipe with a valve from which water can be drawn from a water main.
main a large pipe for distributing water or gas to homes or other buildings. [1/2 definitions]
nozzle a narrow spout fitted to the end of a hose or pipe. A nozzle is used to control the flow or spray of a liquid or gas.
peace pipe a long pipe smoked by some Native American peoples as a sign of peace or friendship.
pipe1 to make music or give a signal with a pipe. [2/6 definitions]
sewer1 a large underground pipe that carries off the liquid and solid waste of a town or city.
siphon a tube or pipe used to suck a liquid over the top of its container and into a lower one by means of air pressure. [1/2 definitions]
smokestack a chimney or pipe that is used to carry off smoke from a factory, ship, or any place that uses fire.
spout a tube, pipe, or other narrow opening from which a liquid is poured. [1/3 definitions]
tap2 a device to control the flow of liquid or gas from a pipe; faucet. [1/4 definitions]
tile a short pipe of concrete or baked clay used as a drain. [1/3 definitions]
valve a device that controls the flow of a liquid or gas through a pipe or tube. [1/3 definitions]
whistle a small instrument or pipe through which air or steam is blown to produce such a sound. [1/9 definitions]