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apparent easily seen or plain. [1/3 definitions]
arroyo a steep ditch carved in a plain or desert by the force of running water. Arroyos are usually dry except after a heavy rainfall.
austere having only what is needed; very simple or plain. [1/2 definitions]
bare plain; simple. [1/5 definitions]
biscuit the British word for a small, thin, crisp, plain or salty cake. Biscuit often has the same meaning as cracker. [1/3 definitions]
homely not pretty or handsome; plain. [1/3 definitions]
homespun plain, simple. [2/3 definitions]
kite a light frame covered with paper, plastic, or cloth that is flown in the air at the end of a long string. Some kites are very plain, and some have a lot of color and decoration. [1/2 definitions]
oxford a sturdy, plain shoe that laces over the top of the foot.
savanna a flat plain covered with grass that also has scattered trees. Savannas are found in Africa and other tropical regions.
simply in a plain or honest way. [1/4 definitions]