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ace a playing card that has only one mark. In card games, an ace has either the highest value of all the cards or the lowest. [1/5 definitions]
club a black figure in the shape of a clover that can be found on a playing card; a card marked with this figure. [1/6 definitions]
deck a pack of playing cards. [1/4 definitions]
diamond anything with a shape that is similar to this, such as the the red figure designating one of the suits in a deck of playing cards. [2/5 definitions]
heart anything shaped like the hearts on playing cards. [1/6 definitions]
king a playing card with a picture of a king. [1/4 definitions]
playing card one of a set of fifty-two cards that are divided into four suits of spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds. Playing cards are used in playing different games.
queen a playing card having the picture of a queen. [1/4 definitions]
shuffle to mix playing cards to change their order. [1/4 definitions]
spade2 a black figure shaped like a pointed leaf with a short stem, used on playing cards. [2/3 definitions]
suit all the playing cards of a single kind in the deck. [1/5 definitions]