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affable pleasant to talk to and be with; friendly; likeable.
agreeable pleasant, nice, or likable. [1/2 definitions]
amuse to hold the interest of in a pleasant way; entertain. [1/2 definitions]
aroma a pleasant smell; fragrance.
beauty the quality of being pleasant to the senses or beautiful; loveliness. [1/2 definitions]
becoming pleasant or attractive looking.
carnation a flower with a pleasant smell and fringed petals. Carnations grow in many colors, including red, white, or pink.
charming full of charm; pleasant; attractive.
cheerful bright or pleasant; bringing a feeling of good cheer. [1/2 definitions]
comfort a pleasant condition that comes from not having physical pain or from having an easy life with little worry. [1/3 definitions]
daydream something similar to a dream but one that occurs when one is awake. A daydream comes from the imagination and often contains pleasant thoughts and fantasies. [1/2 definitions]
dirty not pleasant to do. [1/6 definitions]
disagreeable causing dislike; not pleasant. [1/2 definitions]
enjoyable pleasant; giving joy.
find something pleasant, valuable, or rare that is discovered. [1/6 definitions]
flower the part of a plant that has petals and that makes fruit or seeds; blossom. Flowers often have a pleasant smell. [1/3 definitions]
fragrance a pleasant smell.
fragrant having a pleasant smell.
friendly welcoming and pleasant toward others. [1/2 definitions]
fume (often plural) a vapor, smoke, or odor that is not pleasant or healthy. [1/2 definitions]
gardenia a type of shrub from Asia that is grown for its large flowers that have a pleasant smell. [1/2 definitions]