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billfold a small folding case that holds paper money and fits in a pocket; wallet.
gopher a small rodent with gray or brown fur and a short tail. Gophers live in burrows and tunnel underground to look for food. They are also called pocket gophers, because they have pouches outside their cheeks where they carry food and nesting material. Gophers live in Central and North America.
handkerchief a small piece of thin cloth used to wipe the nose or face, or worn as decoration in a pocket.
pick1 to steal from someone's pocket or purse. [1/9 definitions]
pocket a small piece of material, open at the top and sewn onto clothing. A pocket forms a bag for keeping small objects. [3/5 definitions]
pouch a natural pocket of skin in some female animals that is used to hold and carry young. [1/2 definitions]