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akimbo with hand on hip and elbow pointed away from the body.
arrow a thin pointed rod that is shot from a bow. [1/2 definitions]
arrowhead the sharp, pointed part on the end of an arrow.
bit1 the part of a drill that is pointed and makes holes. [1/2 definitions]
bullet a small rounded or pointed metal object shot from a gun or rifle.
canine a pointed tooth between the front teeth and molars of many mammals. [1/3 definitions]
canoe a narrow boat with pointed ends that is moved along by using a paddle. [1/2 definitions]
coyote a North American mammal that is closely related to dogs, foxes, and wolves. Coyotes have a pointed nose and ears and a bushy tail. They hunt small animals, and they also sometimes eat plants.
crocodile a large reptile that is found in tropical swamps. It has a thick, tough skin, a long tail, and a long, pointed snout.
dagger a short, pointed weapon like a sword, with two sharp edges.
dingo a kind of wild dog found only in Australia. Dingoes have long legs, pointed ears, and yellowish brown or reddish brown fur. They hunt small mammals, but have learned to hunt sheep and cattle brought to Australia by European settlers.
dog a furry animal with four legs, a pointed nose, and a tail. Their sharp teeth and claws are good for hunting small animals as food, but they also sometimes eat plant food. Dogs are mammals, closely related to coyotes, foxes, and wolves. There are many kinds or breeds of dogs, with a wide range of sizes and appearances. Some dogs are bred for special jobs, such as herding sheep. Dogs are often kept as pets. [1/2 definitions]
dory1 a small, narrow boat with a flat bottom, high sides, and a sharply pointed bow.
dot a small mark made by a pencil, pen, or other pointed object. [1/5 definitions]
eyetooth a pointed tooth in the upper jaw, located beneath the eye. The eyeteeth are also called "canines."
fang a long, pointed tooth. Some animals use their fangs to hold and tear prey. Some snakes have hollow fangs through which they inject poison.
fox a wild mammal that has a pointed nose, pointed ears, and a bushy tail. Foxes are closely related to coyotes, dogs, and wolves. Foxes hunt insects, birds, and other small animals but will sometimes eat plants, especially fruit. [1/3 definitions]
goatee a small pointed beard on a man's chin that looks like the beard of a goat.
goose a water bird that looks like a duck but is usually larger, with a longer neck and legs and a more pointed bill. Some geese are raised by farmers, and some are found in the wild. [1/4 definitions]
grass a green plant with narrow pointed leaves and stems with joints. Grass often covers lawns and meadows. [1/2 definitions]
gull1 a water bird that has webbed feet, gray and white feathers, and long, pointed wings. They are graceful and powerful in flight.