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antidote a substance that stops poison from working or cures a disease.
antitoxin an antibody formed in the body to act against a specific poison.
centipede a small animal with a narrow body like a worm. A centipede's body is divided into many segments, each having a pair of legs. The front legs have poison claws. Centipedes are a kind of arthropod and are active at night.
fang a long, pointed tooth. Some animals use their fangs to hold and tear prey. Some snakes have hollow fangs through which they inject poison.
insecticide a poison used to kill insects.
poison to give poison to; use poison to hurt or kill. [2/5 definitions]
poison ivy a North American plant with shiny leaves in groups of three and white berries. If it touches the skin, poison ivy can cause an itchy rash. [1/2 definitions]
poisonous filled with or containing poison. [1/3 definitions]
potion a mixture for drinking that is supposed to have special powers. A potion may heal, do magic, or be a poison.
stinger the sharp, pointed part of certain animals and plants that sometimes carries a poison. The stinger is used to wound. [1/2 definitions]
toxic having to do with or made of a poison; poisonous.
venom the poison that certain snakes, insects, scorpions, and other animals produce. Venom is put into prey by biting or stinging.
venomous producing a fluid, called venom, that is a poison to humans and animals. A venomous animal, such as a venomous snake or scorpion, produces venom that the animal can put into another animal or human with its bite or sting.