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case1 a matter that needs to be investigated by the police or other authorities. [1/5 definitions]
civilian a person who is not serving in the armed forces or the police. [2 definitions]
constable a police officer in a small town or village.
cop2 (informal) a police officer.
cruiser a police car. [1/3 definitions]
custody kept in prison by the police. [1/2 definitions]
detective a person, often a police officer, whose job is to find information that will solve crimes.
fingerprint a mark made by the tip of a finger on an object that it has touched. Police and hospital records keep fingerprints made by a finger dipped in ink. These are used for identification, because no two people have the same fingerprint. [1/2 definitions]
getaway an escape, especially from the police.
headquarters the place or center of command of a military unit or police force. [1/2 definitions]
hideout a place where a person can hide from the police or other people.
inspector an officer in a police or fire department. [1/2 definitions]
pinch (informal) to take into police custody; arrest. [1/7 definitions]
policeman a man who is a member of a police force.
police officer a person who is a member of a police force.
police station the office of the police within a certain area.
policewoman a woman who is a member of a police force.
precinct an area in a town or city that forms a separate district for voting or that is looked after by one police unit.
raid a surprise entry by police into private property to arrest someone or seize something. [1/3 definitions]
roundup a gathering together by the police of persons suspected of breaking the law. [1/3 definitions]
sergeant a police officer whose position is below a captain, lieutenant, or inspector. [1/3 definitions]