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beg to ask for in a polite or in a desperate way. [1/3 definitions]
bold not polite; rude. [1/5 definitions]
ceremony very polite behavior, often more formal than is needed. [1/2 definitions]
civil using good manners; polite. [1/3 definitions]
compliment (plural) a polite greeting. [1/3 definitions]
could used in present or future time to talk about some action or state that is possible but not certain; often used in polite requests or offers. [1/2 definitions]
courteous being polite or showing good manners.
decline to refuse to do, in a polite way. [1/4 definitions]
discourteous not having or showing good manners; not polite; rude.
done acceptable as behavior; proper; polite. [1/3 definitions]
formal following solemn or polite customs or traditions. [1/5 definitions]
gentleman a polite and honorable man. [2/3 definitions]
gentlewoman a polite and honorable woman. [1/2 definitions]
grace the tendency to do what is kind, right, or polite; manners. [1/4 definitions]
gracious likely to do what is polite, kind, or right.
greet to speak to with friendly or polite words upon meeting or when starting a letter. [1/3 definitions]
gruff rough and not polite. [1/2 definitions]
impolite not polite; rude.
invite to ask in a polite way to come somewhere or do something. [1/3 definitions]
lady a polite word for a woman or girl. [1/3 definitions]
madam (sometimes capitalized) a polite word to use when talking to a woman.