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awful very bad; terrible; of poor quality. [1/2 definitions]
bad in pain or poor health. [1/10 definitions]
bum (informal) a poor person with no home and no job; tramp. [1/3 definitions]
cheap of poor quality. [1/4 definitions]
d a grade given for poor, or below average school work. [1/3 definitions]
depression an economic state in which business is very bad and many people are out of work and poor. [1/4 definitions]
ghetto such an area where people live, not by law, but because they are poor or are discriminated against. [1/2 definitions]
handout a gift of money, food, or something else to the poor. [1/2 definitions]
hearing aid a small electronic device that makes sound louder and is worn to make poor hearing better.
incapable without skill; poor. [1/2 definitions]
lame not adequate; poor. [1/4 definitions]
mean2 low in quality or poor in appearance. [1/2 definitions]
middle class the class of people between the rich and the poor.
miser a greedy, stingy person who lives in a poor way in order to save money.
miserable having little value; poor. [1/3 definitions]
misery a state of need and suffering caused by being poor, sick, or in trouble. [1/2 definitions]
pauper a very poor person who must live on public money.
penniless having no money at all; very poor.
poor (used with a plural verb) poor people considered as a group (usually used with "the"). [1/5 definitions]
poverty the condition of being poor; a lack of money.
relapse to return to bad behavior or poor health after a period of improvement. [1/2 definitions]