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abandon to leave behind with no plan to return or take possession again; desert. [1/3 definitions]
apostrophe1 this mark used to show possession. "Susan's clothes" and "citizens' rights" use apostrophes this way. [1/3 definitions]
away from a person's keeping or possession. [1/6 definitions]
grasp a grip on or possession of something. [1/4 definitions]
leave1 to give into the care or possession of as a result of one's death. [1/5 definitions]
lose to fail to keep in one's possession. [1/5 definitions]
out into a state of no longer being in existence or having in one's possession. [1/13 definitions]
own to have possession of, especially by some right or law. [1/4 definitions]
vest to place in control or possession of someone. [1/3 definitions]