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after all used to tell what really happened in the end even though there was a possibility of something else happening. [1/2 definitions]
can1 used to express the possibility for something to happen or to be a certain way. [1/4 definitions]
ghost a slight possibility or tiny amount. [1/2 definitions]
grimly in a grim manner; firmly and cheerlessly, and without giving rise to hope of a change of mind or change of fate.
may to be likely to (used to express possibility or probability). [1/3 definitions]
on the off chance with the very slight possibility; against the slight hope.
out any play in baseball that removes a player from the possibility of scoring. [1/13 definitions]
possibly by any possibility. [1/2 definitions]
room place; possibility. [1/5 definitions]
should used to express a possibility, but one that is not considered very likely (often used with "if"). [1/5 definitions]
would like used as polite form of "want" or when the possibility of doing what one wants is not considered likely or certain.