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archaeology the study of past human life. An archaeologist digs up and then studies objects such as pottery, tools, and buildings.
clay moist, stiff earth that is used for making brick, pottery, and tile.
enamel a smooth, shiny coating baked onto metal, glass, or pottery. Enamel is used for protection or decoration. [1/4 definitions]
glaze a shiny coating on pottery. [1/3 definitions]
jar1 a round container with a wide mouth, usually made of glass or pottery, and often having a lid. [1/2 definitions]
kiln an oven for burning, baking, and drying. A kiln is used to make pottery and bricks or to dry wood.
mug a drinking cup with a handle. Mugs are made of glass, plastic, metal, and pottery. [1/3 definitions]
porcelain a hard, white, shiny pottery; china.
potter a person who makes pottery.
vase an open container of glass or pottery that is usually taller than it is wide. A vase is used as a decoration or to hold cut flowers.