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ash1 the soft gray powder that is left after something has been burned.
baking powder a powder that is used to raise dough or batter during baking.
baking soda a white powder used to raise dough or batter during baking. It is also used to settle an upset stomach.
biscuit a small, round-shaped bread for one person made with baking powder or baking soda instead of yeast. Biscuits are not usually sweet. [1/3 definitions]
cap1 a dot of explosive powder contained in paper for use in a toy pistol. [1/5 definitions]
cement a powder made of clay and limestone that becomes hard when water is added. Cement is used as a building material. [1/3 definitions]
cleanser a liquid or powder used for cleaning.
cocoa a powder made by grinding the dried seeds of the cacao tree and removing the fat. [2/3 definitions]
compact1 a small case that contains face powder and a mirror. [1/6 definitions]
cornmeal corn that has been ground into a rough powder.
cosmetic a preparation used on the face or body to make the person wearing it look more attractive. Lipstick, nail polish, and powder are cosmetics.
detergent a chemical substance in the form of a liquid or powder used for washing things.
dust to cover with dust or powder. [1/3 definitions]
emery a powder made from a hard mineral. It is used for grinding and polishing.
flintlock a part of an old-fashioned gun no longer in use. This part makes a spark that sets the powder inside on fire. [1/2 definitions]
flour the fine, ground meal or powder of wheat or other grain. Flour is used to make bread, pasta, and other foods. [1/2 definitions]
grind to crush or make by crushing into very small pieces or a powder. [1/3 definitions]
gunpowder a black powder that explodes when touched with fire. Gunpowder is used in firing guns.
lime1 a white powder made of calcium oxide. Lime is used in cement, in making steel and paper, and in making some soils better for growing plants.
makeup lipstick, powder, and other cosmetics put on the face to change the way it looks or to make it look better. [1/3 definitions]
mildew a fungus that grows on plants and materials made from living things. Mildews often look like powder.