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gem a precious stone that has been cut and polished, or a pearl of high quality; jewel. [1/2 definitions]
gnome1 a creature in fairy tales that lives inside the earth and guards precious treasure. Gnomes are often portrayed as little old men with beards.
mine2 a deep hole or area of holes made in the earth. Minerals such as gold, coal, or precious stones are dug out of mines. [1/5 definitions]
necklace jewelry worn around the neck. A necklace can be made of beads, precious stones, metals, or other materials.
pan to wash gravel or sand in a pan to remove gold or other precious metals. [1/4 definitions]
prospect to search for precious minerals and metals. [1/4 definitions]
prospector a person who prospects, or searches, for precious minerals and metals.
riches valuable or precious goods, or things that occur in nature in large quantities. [1/2 definitions]
stone a precious mineral; jewel. [1/6 definitions]