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act to pretend to be. [1/9 definitions]
affect2 to imitate or pretend to have.
assume to put on in a false way; pretend. [1/3 definitions]
fake to pretend. [1/5 definitions]
feign to pretend or fake; put on a false show of.
fool to pretend; tease. [1/6 definitions]
impersonate to copy the appearance and actions of; pretend to be.
joust a real or pretend fight between two knights on horseback. Each knight tries to knock the other off his horse with a lance. [1/2 definitions]
make believe to pretend or imagine.
play possum to pretend to be asleep or dead; keep very still to avoid being noticed. Opossums do this so predators will ignore them.
pose1 to pretend to be what one is not. [1/5 definitions]