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admission the price a person must pay to enter. [1/3 definitions]
appraise to determine the value of; set a price for. [1/2 definitions]
bar code a set of black bars on a white background printed on the labels of goods and mail. A bar code is scanned by a computer that reads information such as price.
bargain something that is sold or bought at a good price, especially if it is worth more than what was given in exchange. [1/3 definitions]
change the money that one is given in return if one pays for something with an amount of money than is greater than the price. [1/10 definitions]
charge to demand or ask as a price. [2/12 definitions]
cheap having a low price. [1/4 definitions]
contractor a person who signs an agreement to carry out a particular job at a certain price and also to supply necessary things for the job. A contractor often hires, supervises, and pays other people to help or to do the work. A person in charge of building or repairing a house is often a contractor.
cost to have the price of. [1/5 definitions]
discount to take away from a cost or price. [2/3 definitions]
expensive costing a lot of money; having a high price.
extravagant more than is reasonable in price; too expensive. [1/2 definitions]
fare the price paid to ride on a bus, train, taxi, or airplane, or a passenger who pays this price. [1/2 definitions]
inflation an increase in the average price level. [1/2 definitions]
price to mark with a price. [3/5 definitions]
priceless having a worth greater than any price or amount of money.
raise to increase (the value or price of something). [1/8 definitions]
ransom the payment demanded in return for setting a kidnapped person free, or the act of setting someone free by paying the price demanded. [1/2 definitions]
rate1 price or cost. [1/6 definitions]
sale a selling of goods for a lower price than usual. [1/2 definitions]
saving a lower price or cost. [1/2 definitions]