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bagpipe a wind instrument made of a leather bag and pipes. It is played by blowing air into the bag and squeezing the bag to force air through pipes that produce musical tones.
barren not able to produce or support growth. [1/2 definitions]
bear1 to produce by growth. [1/7 definitions]
bellows (used with a singular or plural verb) a bag that can be expanded to draw air in and squeezed to force air out. Bellows are used to blow air on a fire or produce sound on a musical instrument.
bloom to produce flowers. [1/3 definitions]
blossom to produce flowers. [1/4 definitions]
breed to give birth to or produce offspring. [1/4 definitions]
calorie a unit for measuring the amount of energy that a food can produce when taken into the body. The more calories something has, the more energy it can provide for the body.(abbreviated: Cal.)
capital1 money that is used to produce more money, as by starting a business or investing. [1/8 definitions]
carbohydrate a compound made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. It is formed mainly by plants, and it is used in the body to easily produce and store energy. Sugars and starches are carbohydrates. [1/2 definitions]
chime (usually plural) a set of tuned bells or other hollow objects that produce musical sounds when struck. [1/3 definitions]
chlorophyll the green matter in the leaves and stems of plants that is necessary to produce food for plants from sunlight.
clamor to produce a clamor. [1/3 definitions]
cost the amount of money needed to make or produce something. [1/5 definitions]
determine to bring about; produce. [1/3 definitions]
draw a blank to be unable to produce an idea, solution, or answer. [1/2 definitions]
drill1 to produce using a drill. [1/4 definitions]
echo to produce an echo. [1/4 definitions]
fair2 a gathering at which farm animals and farm produce are shown and judged. A fair is usually held over several days and includes games and amusements. [1/2 definitions]
fertile producing or able to produce farm crops or other plant life. [2/3 definitions]
fertilize to make able to produce babies, seeds, fruit, or eggs. [1/3 definitions]