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borrow to take with the promise to return or replace. [1/2 definitions]
breach an act of breaking a law or promise. [1/4 definitions]
engage to promise (oneself or another), especially with the aim of entering into marriage. [1/6 definitions]
engaged keeping a promise and plan of marriage.
engagement a promise to marry, or a period of time before a promised marriage. [1/3 definitions]
favorable showing the promise of something good. [1/3 definitions]
guarantee a promise, especially in writing, that something one has bought will work properly. If it does not, the seller or maker must either repair or replace it. [3/4 definitions]
hand a promise of marriage. [1/11 definitions]
lure to attract with the promise of a reward. [1/3 definitions]
nun1 a woman who is a member of a religious order. Nuns promise to live simply, not marry, and obey God. Many nuns live in convents.
oath a serious promise. [1/2 definitions]
pact an agreement or a sworn promise. [1/2 definitions]
pledge a serious promise; vow. [3/7 definitions]
resolution a sincere promise to oneself to do something. [1/4 definitions]
rosy filled with hope and promise. [1/2 definitions]
speculate to risk a loss of money or property with the promise or hope of making large amounts of money. [1/2 definitions]
supposed required or expected because of a promise, agreement, or generally accepted rule. [1/3 definitions]
swear to make a solemn promise or statement, usually concerning the telling of the truth, one's loyalty, or one's duty. [2/3 definitions]
swear off (informal) to decide or promise to give up.
undertake to promise or obligate oneself to do. [1/2 definitions]
vouch to promise to be true, real, or correct (usually followed by "for").