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alphabet the letters of a written language, given in proper order.
appropriate right for the purpose; proper. [1/2 definitions]
array a correct or proper arrangement. [1/5 definitions]
balanced not going too far in any one extreme; keeping things in proper proportion. [1/2 definitions]
behave to act in a proper manner. [2/3 definitions]
belong to have a proper or appropriate location. [1/4 definitions]
bent1 not having the proper shape of a thing, as by not being perfectly straight, flat, or circular. [1/4 definitions]
braces metal wires and bands attached to the teeth to straighten them and bring them into proper position. [1/2 definitions]
correct agreeing with a rule or accepted way of doing things; proper. [1/5 definitions]
correctly in the correct or proper way; without error.
decent proper or suitable. [1/3 definitions]
dislocate to put out of proper place.
displace to move out of the usual or proper place. [1/3 definitions]
done acceptable as behavior; proper; polite. [1/3 definitions]
due deserved; proper. [1/6 definitions]
expect to consider fitting or proper in a particular situation. [1/5 definitions]
fit1 proper or acceptable; right. [2/6 definitions]
formal following accepted rules for doing something; proper, legal, or official. [2/5 definitions]
Ft. an abbreviation for Fort, when writing a proper name.
good behaving in the proper way. [1/12 definitions]
headlong suddenly or quickly; without proper thought ahead of time. [1/4 definitions]