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administrator a person who manages, especially in business or public affairs.
advertise to try to find something by placing a notice or advertisement in a public place (usually followed by "for"). [1/3 definitions]
advertisement a public notice that tells people about products, services, or things that are happening.
affair (plural) public or business matters. [1/5 definitions]
agitate to try to stir up public support (often followed by "for" or "against"). [1/3 definitions]
air to speak about, usually in public. [1/6 definitions]
amphitheater an oval or round building with seats rising in rows from an open, central area. Amphitheaters are used for sports and other public events.
announcement a public or formal statement. [1/2 definitions]
appear to come before the public. [1/3 definitions]
auction a public sale at which things are sold to the people who offer the most money. [1/2 definitions]
break to become known to the public. [1/19 definitions]
bulletin board a board on which things such as notices or advertisements are displayed. A bulletin board usually hangs on a wall either in your home or in a public place.
bullfight a public show held in an arena in which performers first tease and tire out a bull, and then one person using a cape to draw the bull near tries to kill it with a sword. Bullfighting is popular in Spain and Mexico.
celebrate to perform as part of public worship. [1/3 definitions]
chariot a vehicle with two wheels used in ancient times. A chariot was pulled by horses and driven from a standing position. It was used in wars, races, and other public events.
church a building used for public Christian religious services. [1/3 definitions]
circus a large, outdoor stadium in ancient Rome used for public events and games. [1/2 definitions]
clamor a strong public protest. [1/3 definitions]
council a group of persons gathered together to discuss or make decisions about public matters. For example, a city council may make laws for or give advice on how to run a city.
Declaration of Independence the public document by which the thirteen American colonies declared their independence from England in 1776.
demonstrate to take part in a public activity to show support for or against a cause. [1/4 definitions]