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condemn to order punishment to be given to; sentence or convict. [1/3 definitions]
correction punishment in order to improve. [1/3 definitions]
detention the detaining of someone for a short time, either as punishment or until a trial can be held.
discipline punishment for the sake of training or changing behavior. [1/7 definitions]
example a punishment meant to serve as a warning to others. [1/4 definitions]
exile the condition of being sent away from one's country and not allowed to return as a punishment. [2/3 definitions]
fine2 a sum of money charged as a punishment for a crime or offense. [2 definitions]
justice the giving out of something that is deserved; reward or punishment. [1/3 definitions]
let off to release from punishment or something unpleasant; excuse.
pardon an official act that frees a person from punishment for a crime. [2/4 definitions]
parole the release of a prisoner before the time of punishment is finished. Prisoners who are given parole have behaved well in prison. When on parole, they must obey certain rules. [1/2 definitions]
pay to experience revenge or punishment. [1/9 definitions]
penalize to give penalty or punishment to.
penalty a punishment given for breaking a law, rule, or agreement. [2 definitions]
rap1 (slang) blame or punishment. [1/4 definitions]
revenge the act of giving punishment in payment for a wrong that has been done. [2/4 definitions]
rod a stick or switch used for punishment by whipping. [1/4 definitions]
sanction something to make sure that a law is obeyed; a punishment for not obeying a law. [1/5 definitions]
sentence a punishment for a particular crime decided and declared in a court of law. [1/3 definitions]
spank1 to hit with the open hand or a hard object as punishment.
spoil to harm the character of by giving too much freedom, too much money, or not enough punishment. [1/4 definitions]