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absolute without anything added; pure. [1/4 definitions]
carbon a chemical element found in all living things. Pure carbon occurs as diamond or graphite. It is also often found in compounds with other elements. (symbol: C)
chlorine a substance that is one of the chemical elements. It combines with sodium to form table salt. It is also used in making bleach. Chlorine is poisonous in its pure gas form. (symbol: Cl)
clarity the state or condition of being clear or pure. [1/2 definitions]
clean pure; free from pollution. [1/6 definitions]
concentrate to make stronger or more pure. [1/5 definitions]
diamond a clear mineral that is a crystal form of pure carbon. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known. They are used in making jewelry and as tools for cutting hard materials. [1/5 definitions]
dove1 a pure white bird of this type as a symbol of peace. [1/2 definitions]
fluorine a substance that is a chemical element. Fluorine combines easily with other elements to form compounds. Some of these compounds are used to prevent tooth decay. Fluorine is poisonous in its pure gas form. (symbol: F)
fresh cool, refreshing, and pure. [1/7 definitions]
impure mixed with something that is harmful; polluted or not pure.
iodine a substance that is one of the chemical elements. Iodine combines easily with other elements. It is found in salt water and seaweed. Iodine is poisonous in its pure crystal form. (symbol: I) [1/2 definitions]
karat a unit of measure for the purity of gold equal to one twenty-fourth part of pure gold.
purify to make clean or pure.
refine to make pure or fine.
sheer1 pure and total. [1/3 definitions]
sterling of or made of the very finest silver, or 92.5% pure. [1/4 definitions]
thoroughbred of a pure breed. [2/3 definitions]