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coronation the ceremony at which a king or queen is crowned.
court the place where a king, queen, or other important ruler lives and works. [1/8 definitions]
crown (sometimes capitalized) the government that a king or queen heads. [1/4 definitions]
dame (capitalized) a title of honor given by a British king or queen to a woman who has done something important.
drone1 a male honeybee or other male bee whose only known function is to mate with the queen bee.
kingdom a country that is ruled by a king or queen. [1/2 definitions]
knight a man given a rank of honor by a king or queen for service to his country. [1/4 definitions]
majesty (capitalized) a title used when speaking to or about a royal person, such as a king or queen. [1/2 definitions]
monarch a ruler such as a king, queen, or emperor. [1/2 definitions]
monarchy government by or in the name of a king, queen, or similar ruler, whose power may be strong or limited. [3/2 definitions]
palace the official home of a king or queen or other persons of high rank or authority.
prince the son or grandson of a king or queen.
princess a daughter or granddaughter of a king or queen. [1/2 definitions]
queen a playing card having the picture of a queen. [1/4 definitions]
reign rule by a king or queen. [1/4 definitions]
republic a government whose head is an elected or chosen person and not a monarch such as a king or queen. [1/3 definitions]
royal of or having to do with a king or queen, or any members of their family. [2 definitions]
scepter a rod carried by a king or queen as a symbol of royal power.