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calm a condition of freedom from disturbance; peace and quiet. [1/6 definitions]
chuckle to laugh softly or in a quiet manner. [2 definitions]
cloister a place such as a monastery or convent where people live quiet, spiritual lives. [1/2 definitions]
hush "Be quiet." [3/5 definitions]
low1 at a somewhat quiet level. [1/10 definitions]
lull a calm, quiet period. [1/2 definitions]
modest not thinking too highly of oneself; humble. [1/3 definitions]
murmur a sound that is soft, muffled, and ongoing, like the sound made by quiet conversation. [1/2 definitions]
mutter quiet complaining speech that is hard to understand or not clear. [1/2 definitions]
peace a state of quiet or calm. [1/3 definitions]
peaceful quiet; calm. [1/2 definitions]
prowl the act of roaming in a secret, quiet way. [1/3 definitions]
quiet to make quiet. [2/8 definitions]
reserved having a quiet, formal, or controlled way of acting or feeling. [1/2 definitions]
rest1 a time of calm and quiet after work or activity; break. [1/12 definitions]
restful peaceful and quiet. [1/2 definitions]
restless not able to relax, sit still, or stay quiet. [1/3 definitions]
retreat a quiet place for resting, thinking, or being alone. [1/5 definitions]
shut up to make or become quiet.
silence a lack of sound; quiet. [1/3 definitions]
smolder to be present or continue in a quiet or hidden way. [1/2 definitions]