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frequency the number of energy waves that pass a certain point in a certain time period. Frequency is used to measure radio waves and other kinds of radiation. [1/3 definitions]
lead2 a heavy, soft gray metal that is one of the chemical elements. Because it is very heavy and dense, lead is useful for making things such as weights, shot, and shields that protect against radiation. (symbol: Pb) [1/2 definitions]
microwave oven an oven that cooks or heats food or beverages quickly using high-frequency radiation.
ozone layer an atmospheric layer between ten and twenty miles above the earth that contains a large amount of ozone, which absorbs certain types of harmful radiation from space.
ray1 a thin beam of light or some other radiation. [1/3 definitions]
x-ray a beam of high-energy radiation that is able to pass through many kinds of solid material. [1/3 definitions]