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beat to stir rapidly. [1/9 definitions]
break to move away suddenly and rapidly. [1/19 definitions]
chatter to speak rapidly and without saying anything important. [1/5 definitions]
dash to move swiftly; run rapidly; rush. [1/8 definitions]
dive to plunge or move downward rapidly, usually head or front first. [1/5 definitions]
epidemic an outbreak of disease that spreads rapidly to many people in one area.
flutter to wave rapidly back and forth or up and down. [1/5 definitions]
gallop to move or run forward rapidly; go fast. [1/3 definitions]
gas a form of matter that is neither liquid nor solid. A gas rapidly spreads out when it is warmed and contracts when it is cooled. [1/3 definitions]
gulp to take large swallows of; drink or eat eagerly or rapidly (often followed by "down"). [1/4 definitions]
hummingbird a tiny, brightly colored bird with a long, slender bill and narrow wings that beat very rapidly.
hustle to force or help to move rapidly from, into, through, or toward a place. [1/4 definitions]
multiplication the act or process of increasing rapidly or multiplying. [1/2 definitions]
poplar a tall tree that grows rapidly and has wide leaves. Aspen and cottonwood are members of the poplar family. [1/2 definitions]
quickly in a short time; rapidly.
snowball to grow rapidly in size, importance, or intensity. [1/2 definitions]
soar to grow rapidly in value or intensity; rise in a quick way. [1/2 definitions]
speed the act of moving rapidly or swiftly. [2/5 definitions]
spin to turn or seem to whirl rapidly. [1/8 definitions]
sprout to grow rapidly. [1/4 definitions]
swift moving or able to move very rapidly. [1/3 definitions]