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accelerate to increase the speed or rate of. [2 definitions]
assess to rate the value of something for taxation; value. [1/3 definitions]
at least in any case; at any rate. [1/2 definitions]
capital1 of high quality; excellent; first rate. [1/8 definitions]
clip1 a fast rate of speed. [1/5 definitions]
interest a rate that is paid for the use of another person's money. [1/8 definitions]
pace1 rate of movement. [2/8 definitions]
pacemaker a small electronic device put under the skin to control the heart rate in people with heart problems.
raise an increase in rate of pay. [1/8 definitions]
speed rate of motion. [1/5 definitions]
time to record the rate or duration of. [1/15 definitions]
velocity rate of speed or motion. [1/2 definitions]
walk a particular style or rate of walking. [1/9 definitions]