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airmail to send by air rather than by land or sea. [1/5 definitions]
amateur one who does something only for enjoyment rather than for money. [1/3 definitions]
automation the use of machines rather than people to do work.
before rather than. [1/6 definitions]
bolt1 a metal screw with a flat end rather than a point. A bolt screws into a matching nut. [1/8 definitions]
born since birth; from natural talent rather than practice or education. [1/3 definitions]
cable a form of television in which the sound and picture signals are sent by cable rather than through the air; cable television. [1/5 definitions]
digital showing information by a row of numerical digits rather than by numbers on a dial. [1/2 definitions]
digital clock a clock that shows the time as numbers in a row rather than by hands on a dial.
domesticated of animals, made suited to the needs of humans and living close to humans rather than in the wild. [1/2 definitions]
estimated resulting from a careful guess rather than exact counting or calculation.
handmade made by hand or with hand tools, rather than by machine.
herb a flowering plant whose stem is soft rather than woody and that dies at the end of a growing season. [1/2 definitions]
homemade made at home rather than bought.
homework schoolwork that is to be done at home rather than at school.
in person being actually present, rather than on the phone or radio, in pictures, or in the movies.
instead in place of; rather.
kind of1 (informal) somewhat; rather.
lovely having a beauty that relates to character rather than to appearance. [1/2 definitions]
male a person or animal of the masculine sex; one that fathers rather than bears offspring. [1/2 definitions]
martyr a person who chooses to die or be killed rather than give up his or her religion. [1/2 definitions]